Tuesday, August 8, 2017

School Starts 2017

And then school began.

I was curious to see how Peyton did starting at a new school. She was not fearful at all, which made things so much easier. I think I was way more stressed than she was. However, I think she did not fully understand what it was going to be like because the first few days were, well, a little rough. I should say Peyton rough, because it wasn't terrible, just different and I think a little bit of an adjustment for her.

The first day of school I asked how it went and she in all surprise said, "No one else from Hidden Springs was there!" I said, "Well no, and you knew this was going to be a new school." From what I could gather from the conversation that followed was Peyton had thought other kids she knew would have moved to the area as well, and she would know someone.

The next few days I asked who she sat by or played with and was so sad when she didn't have any friends. The good news though is a sweet girl from our ward is in her class, so I know she reached out and tried to be a friend. Although I got a good laugh when her mom told me that Emily (the little girl) had asked Peyton if she wanted to play with her, and Peyton's response was, "Not right now." I think at that point she was still under the assumption she would find an old friend from her old school. They now play together on occasion and after about a week she would report a friend each day, which came as a huge relief to this worry wort of a mother. There is nothing worse than thinking your kid is sitting alone at each recess and lunch, although that is not Peyton's personality either so I shouldn't have worried as much as I did; as Wes kindly and repeatedly reminded me.

Of course we got the traditional first day of school photos. And taking them was much easier as our school starts a whole hour later than our last one. Ahhhh that hour is sweet I tell you. Our mornings are much more laid back, no yelling at all, and we even get to eat at home at the table rather than an Eggo waffle in the car everyday like last year.

 Her first day of school outfit. At this point in our life we don't really need an all new wardrobe, so for school shopping I let them pick out a new outfit to wear. I take them on a special date of shopping and lunch. Peyton saw this sparkly cactus t-shirt and it was the one! She wants to wear it everyday. I have to hide it sometimes because it is getting a little out of control. I guess her shopping day was a success if she found something she likes so much though.
 Traditional after school frozen yogurt. 

Jovie started (a little later than Peyton) a very nontraditional school year in that 1. It's T-K, which I find a little unnecessary, but it is what it is. and 2. We are homeschooling. What?! I know, I know. But listen to the sweet deal we found. It is a home school program where she gets to attend functions at the school on occasion. She also goes once a week to an actual kindergarten class (which she is in LOVE with!). But the best part is they pay me to teach her. Not in a salary sense, but she gets $1600 towards curriculum, educational passes (for the family) and her extra curricular activities. It is amazing! If your child turns 5 before March 28th hit me up, because I cannot recommend this program more!

Her school year started out with an Open House day which was awesome. It was like a little fair where they met their teacher, found their classroom and played games. She was up before the alarm (7ish) when her school doesn't even start until 10, waiting and ready. How cute is that?! And because she was soooo excited we did her first day pictures then, even though it wasn't technically her first educational day. Potato~potato. Her teacher emailed me one time and said what an enthusiastic student Jovie is. I can't think of a better way to describe everything Jovie does than enthusiastic.

 On her actual first day she was up (again) bright and early, waiting on the couch for hours to go to school. backpack on and everything. She is such a funny, happy, kid who enjoys just about everything; and does it was a smile that is so contagious it makes everything exciting for everyone! She goes to school and tells me how her whole class is her friend. Now that makes a mother's heart happy.

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