Friday, June 23, 2017

The Broad

Since having children we have really learned to enjoy the days we get to spend together alone. Not that we don't enjoy being parents, but a day with just the two of us, and the ease of being together is the best! I love Wes. I enjoy more than anything being with him, and he is just the best person in the world to know I get to spend eternity with.

I planned a really fun day in L.A. together just because. He has done great dates, and done all the planning and executing and I thought it was about time I do the same. Okay, honestly, I plan 90% of our outings, but he has done some really great things the 10% he does plan.

This kid-free date found us in L.A. at a really neat and relatively new museum, The Broad. I got us reservations, but the whole reason for going was the Infinity Room. Little did I know that those require a separate reservation and it was about 4-5 hours after we were there. But we signed up once we got in hoping to make the best of our day.

Honestly L.A. contemporary art museums are a little pretentious and weird. There are always a few hidden gems, but the overall feeling is almost comical. The films they show are dumb. Most of the pieces are reaching, but then they have a few wonderful pieces that make going worthwhile. Plus, it's the experience that counts, right?

So we went and had an absolutely wonderful time. After being at the museum for about an hour and a half (it's a really small museum) we were ready to go, but really really wanted to go in that Infinity Room exhibit. So, I worked my magic and the worker let us in nearly 4 hours earlier than our reservation time. Hallelujah! And it was really worth it!

After the Broad we walked over and looked around the Walt Disney Concert Hall. We may or may not have snuck into a side door after a worker walked in. And looked around, and felt a little rebellious doing it.

After that we continued walking down the street to the Lady of the Angels Cathedral. What a building! We enjoyed every aspect of that building to the fullest extent. ;)

The thing I had planned that I knew Wes would enjoy the most (the rest I think he is just a good sport for me) was dinner. I had it all planned out to go to a place he's been dying to visit for a while. It's called The Shake Shack. They have delicious burgers, cheese and bacon fries, and obviously shakes. It was remarkably good!!! But super expensive. Totally worth it though. After dinner we walked to the Americana at the Brand and shopped around and enjoyed the concert on the grass.

Seriously it was one of the best days ever! Ever!!!

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