Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fourth Festivities

Another fun Independence Day come and gone. More fun celebrating with family and friends.

The annual 3rd of July picnic and fireworks at the park. Always a good time!!! Griffin liked the fireworks as long as I covered his ears.

On the 4th we headed to Patrick and Kati's house to swim with family and then in the night to Fred and Sandie's house to do some fireworks in the backyard. Chino (where fireworks are somehow still legal) is crazy! It feels like you are actually driving through a war zone. There are explosions going off everywhere! It's loud and crazy and bright and loud!
 My kids are always so pooped by this point. They last about 15 minutes, do a sparkler or two and then beg to go lay down inside on the couch where they usually fall asleep and are carried to the car. This year was no exception.

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