Monday, May 29, 2017

Words of Encouragement

I know I can't be the only one who goes through hard mothering times. A few months ago I was in a rut. Jovie had gotten in the adorable habit of whining about everything. Griffin's habits aren't so annoying but he requires a lot of energy. And Peyton is in the "no teeth" phase, which can be trying at times. Honestly, it was my attitude that was bad, but finding joy in the everyday was not really happening everyday. Most days I genuinely wanted to crawl in bed throw the covers over my head and sleep. I didn't want to mother. And it made me feel awful, but for whatever reason, this is where I found myself. But, I tried to wake up and love my kids (because I honestly love them all sooooo much) and go through the day with a smile and kind words on my tongue. I of course wasn't (and am not) perfect and while it was a struggle I did it.

The turning point was at Costco. Wes was grabbing our dinner on a Friday night at the concession stand (because those pizza slices and hot dogs are heavenly and cheap) and I was getting the kids situated at a table. We were laughing and talking and I noticed an older woman watching us, so I flashed a quick smile and kept attending to my kids. I never know if I am being watched by sweet eyes or annoyed eyes, because my kid's giggles can get pretty loud and not everyone enjoys it; though for the most part I think they are pretty well behaved.

This lady then walked over to me and asked if I was a person who believed in God. I said yes and she then said that The Spirit was shining brightly in me. She said she could sense the spirit, and love and goodness. She then just poured out compliments of how I interacted with my children and what a blessing it was to see the love we had for each other and how she could sense happiness from my family. She then said they must have a good father and though I can't remember everything she said it was wonderful to hear. I was brought to tears because little did she know of my inner struggles but her encouragement changed me at that point.

I want to always shine with the spirit as I mother. It made me want to live up to every thought and word she said that day. Little did she know it was her who was really following the spirit by talking to me and how grateful I was for my Heavenly Father for sending this good Samaritan to answer my prayers at Costco on a Friday night.

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