Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring Conference

General Conference is one of my favorite weekends. This one was a bit of a bummer because our Saturday was stacked with activities so we are still trying to catch up on that session; but one of the blessings of technology is the availability to things like that any time I need. I can still remember the first conference I actually "got it." I was about 18 or 19 and my family was all out of town, gone, married and I was all alone. I remember turning it on simply because I knew I should. I then started to actually listen. I had always heard conference before in the past, but I was usually not really listening or maybe even sleeping. I had a friend come over for the evening session and I took notes, and it came together for me. That conference penetrated my heart and I understood and gained a testimony of the prophet and apostles that weekend. Since then I bring a question, thought or worry with me as I watch and without doubt I find answers, comfort and peace as I listen. It is such a blessing to have those weekends of inspiration. My girls like conference now because they get to color and they like Uchtdorf's name and drawing pictures of the prophet and apostles. I actually think they know more than I ever did at their age. And while they probably won't get conference for a long while and it is probably kind of boring for them now I hope at some point they will get the beauty of what the gospel is and the happiness and peace it brings as we are obedient and diligent. Their simple testimonies now give me hope for their bright futures.

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