Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Since April is the month of birthdays around here we do a lot of celebrating. And in case you didn't know Wes and I are all about the deals in life. We love a good discount or better yet things for free. Which is kind of why April is my favorite. Well, besides the fact I gain a good 5 pounds from eating out so much. But, we are always sure to take advantage of the free food offered on birthdays.

I got off tangent. Let's get back to our many celebrations in April.

We celebrated my cute little niece Jane on the 1st. She's a Peppa Pig enthusiast and had a fun little pig party with a music lady. I don't know how better to describe her, she was a cute little lady in a music jumpsuit dress (it was horrendously fab) and she sang, and brought instruments to play with all the kids. They loved it! And really, she was so sweet and very talented. And Jane just loved the whole thing.
 (don't mind Peyton's crutches... be mindful we were there on April 1st)

We headed straight from here to another birthday party for my friend Jill's sweet 1 year old, Sadie Mae. And I can't believe I don't have even 1 picture of the event. My kids just disappear when they are at their house. It's a kids paradise.

My mom made me a cake one Sunday while we were at her house.
And the rest of the month we celebrated with free food!

Of course we did our Red Robin celebratory dinner.

And for whatever reason Panera sent both Wes and I an email saying we could have a free bagel EVERYDAY in the month of April. So obviously we hit that up.... almost everyday. Other people got the same email because we ran into a few friends while there taking advantage of the same deal. My kids knew the drill... pick up Peyton from school and get a bagel.
 Cafe Rio offered $5... we had to take advantage of that!
 2 free milkshakes at Ruby's on the Huntington Beach Pier on Wes' birthday.
 Rubios. Which is now one of our favorites.
 On Griffin's birthday we used our free coupons from the library to eat. This is Jovie's favorite place and even Griffin eats half a cheeseburger now. Luckily it's one of my favorites too, plus I almost always have coupons either from the library or Peyton's school there.
We LOVE the Benihana deal although they've made it hard on us to use this. There are so many requirements and rules. So in the beginning of May we finally got around to using it. We mentioned it to Heidi and Ned the day before that we were going and they hadn't used theirs yet either so they were able to add themselves to our reservations and join us. It's always more fun going with friends too.

And though it's not birthday related, it just seems to fit into this post so nicely I think I'll add it in. A brand new Cafe Rio opened up about 30 minutes from us and a friend of mine posted on Facebook they were taking "VIP" reservations for opening night and offering a free entree and drink. So we loaded up the family and had dinner there. More food than we could eat too, which is awesome because it meant lunch for the next day. This was probably the best deal of the month!

I know we went to a few other places, I just failed to take photo evidence. I know El Pollo Loco hooked it up, and Chipotle gave us a free kids meal with our purchase. Seriously, we ate good in the month of April. Happy birthday to us.

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