Friday, May 19, 2017

Mother's Day '17

I've decided that Mother's Day is one of my favorite days of the whole year. Lemme tell ya why. For one it happens every year on Sunday, so to "celebrate" it becomes a 2 day event of being spoiled. To go out you do it on Saturday, which is fun. But Sunday comes..... ahhh sweet Sunday. Sunday is a day of rest and relaxation and you are expected to sleep in, nap and be taken care of all day. Which means no diapers, no cooking or cleaning; in essence no doing all the things which make us a mother in the first place. Ironic? Sure. But approved of? Absolutely!

Wes and the girls were soooo sweet and took such good care of me all day and showered me with love. Love and presents. Which brings me to my next point. Mother's Day gifts are also the best. Because they too are all about pampering. I got a day to go out and shop (with a gift card), then get lunch (by myself) and a pedicure (alone). Which means yet another day "off" if you will.

Then comes the heartfelt children's gifts. My favorite too. I got the sweetest homemade cards and letters. Then there was the fingerprint necklace and card Peyton made at school, which brought literal tears to my eyes.

I just love my children so much, and celebrating my love for them and the best gift I have been given (motherhood) is why I love this day so much. Plus I get to celebrated with all the other women who I admire, love and adore which just adds to the beauty of the day. I have learned so much from so many women, including my own wonderful mother and mother-in-law, I have such awe and wonder for the gift of mothering. Without their example I would not be as happy and confident as I have been in this overwhelming calling.

So here's to mothers, and women everywhere!!!

and the wonderful men and children who love and support us!

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