Saturday, April 29, 2017

Insect Fair

 We attended the insect festival in downtown Riverside for the first time this year. It was more fun and busy than I had anticipated. We were joined by our friends and had a great time. We saw live and dead bugs, held caterpillars, did crafts, ate crickets, and the girls favorite was seeing the queen bee in her hive.
This was kind of a big deal because do you remember the freak out she had the last time we wanted to let her hold a caterpillar. Initially she was not going to do it, then all her friends did, I saw the resolve cross her face and she held it like a boss.
All holding their caterpillars.
Ever eaten a dried cricket. Peyton loved them. She went back 4 times until I cut her off. Jovie (the girl who eats nothing!) ate one in order to get candy. That's totally her. Seriously, her life motto should be, "Anything for candy."

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