Friday, April 21, 2017

Griffin's 1st Year

I sure hope it is normal to mourn and celebrate a child's first birthday because it is the only way I know how to do it. I look forward to this day because it is a huge, fun milestone. But in the same breath my heart aches as my babies slip away from, well, being babies. So on Griffin's first birthday I had a hard time cheering in between sobs. Okay, not literal sobs, but more heart sobs. I can't believe this first year has past us by. But, it was such a pleasant year with the sweetest little cuddle bug, I really can't complain.

Griffin at a year:
Started taking his first steps a few weeks before his first birthday.
Is a super eater and actually started whole milk about a week or two before his first birthday as well... I was not about to buy more formula that close to 1.
Babbles "mama" and "dadada" but not really talking per se.
Waves hello, goodbye, night night
Claps and dances which is the cutest. He also gives high fives. For a while he would put his hands up for hooray, but the little stinker won't do that anymore.
Blows kisses, but it is more of a tongue grab.
He also gives kisses, and noggin where he leans into you and bonks foreheads. Noggins are his favorite.
That kid and his tongue, he is obsessed and thinks it's hilarious if I poke it and say tongue. He also likes to lick me and thinks that's pretty funny too.
Points at things. Birds, dogs, etc. He makes noises for animals but not really any corresponding noises yet.
Loves trying to go upstairs and will do that any chance he gets.
Signs the word water and loves to drink out of a straw.
In fact he loves playing in water too. The water table outside is currently his favorite and he gets filthy playing out there.
Sleeps like a champ, 12ish hours at night and 2-2 hour naps.
Starting to get some separation anxiety with strangers, but not too bad. Will still let pretty much anyone hold him, and is fine as long as he doesn't see Wes or I.
Loves other babies and kids.
Will go "crazy" shaking his head and smiling, and will sometimes play peek-a-boo at church. He pops up and smiles and crouches down to pop up again.
His big stinker move though is hitting/scratching faces when he gets excited or if you bug him. I have had many a scratch on my face thanks to that boy.
Loves the swings.
Holds everything in his mouth. Walks or crawls with something in his mouth and both hands constantly.  (This is why we call him our puppy brother).
Hates when someone gets out of the car without him.
Honestly, he's just a sweet sweet boy. The girls adore him. I adore him, Wes adores him. He is well loved!

Happy birthday Griffin Todd Aleman!!!

His birthday morning. Peyton was dying to wake him up before she left for school. So I let the girls do it.
And give him his present before she left. (A swing for the backyard)

--separate post for his birthday party coming up.

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