Wednesday, May 17, 2017

End of an Era

For the last 2ish years we have had an every other month tradition of getting together with our best friends for games and dinner. We take turns hosting (and helping with sides) then while the kids play, so do the adults. We brought 3 new babies into the mix within 4 months of each other and still (somehow) kept the tradition alive. But, our friends, the McCooks, are really blowing it since they have to relocate to Texas for work. //tears, sobs// I can't even explain how much we will miss these friends of ours. But, there are already plans in the works to continue on the tradition of "The Rio Trio".... because of course you have to have a group friendship name, right?! So while we will miss these friends dearly, it means we will have some Texas trips coming up in the next few years. We have to keep the Aleman, McCook, Duncan friendships alive in the adults and children alike. The kids are amazing together too, which just made our nights amazing.

We held our last Rio Trio night last week and went out with laughs and fights (in Catan of course). Oh , the many hilarious nights we had together will be missed!

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