Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 1 and 2

Lots of Easter happenings happened this month too.

I must admit I have plans next year to do more teaching in the days leading up to Easter. I have never been good at that, and have seen some great ideas I plan on incorporating so my children understand Easter and the events leading up to the resurrection better. But, we got a little (not so reverent, and not so listened to) preview when my family celebrated palm Sunday at my parents house. I don't know if any of the kids actually listened to the scriptures being read because they were too busy waving their palms and laughing at "the ass" carrying Asher around.
At home that week we prepared for Easter by dying our Easter eggs for our hunt. The girls picked out two kits, one was a marble kit and the other was a rock sugar kit. The marbled eggs definitely turned out better and were so mess free. This year the girls did their own eggs 100% alone, which is kind of sad for me because I enjoy dying eggs too. Next year I'm making more eggs  to enjoy myself and at least Griff willl probably need my help. But, it was kind of nice to just sit back, watch and take some photos.
 On the Saturday before Easter we had our Aleman celebration at Fred and Sandie's house. With our now tradition egg roll competition, and money hunt for the kids. Man alive is it fun to be there with all those kids.

 And the winner is......
 Ready for the hunt.....
 And I couldn't decided which of these two was my favorite photo of the day....
This one because I mean is it not the sweetest ever?!
Or this one.... 
 Sunday came and we had our egg/basket hunt, breakfast and got ready for church (and of course took Easter best pictures beforehand).
After church we headed to my parents to be with cousins, and have yet another Easter hunt. I got a family photo there too, which is kind of a must when everyone has a new outfit and is looking good right?

I think on the resurrection often and think it is so fitting to celebrate this gift with our families since it is only because of Him and his sacrifice for us that we can be eternally together.

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