Monday, May 1, 2017

All I Want for Summer......

Is my 2 front teeth.

Peyton has had 2 wiggly teeth for what seems like forever. We finally convinced her to pull one of them because that bad boy was hanging by a gum-thread. Wes tied floss around it and she pulled it out. She laugh cried the whole time leading up to it, but there was nothing but pure bliss when that thing (easily) came out.
We dried...
 And pulled!
I have what some might consider a tooth phobia, so Wes does all things teeth related. I take pictures and try to keep my gag reflex at bay.

The next one came out days later. I was gone but I got this photo. Wes said there was a lot more tears where this one was involved (for no real reason since it was ready to go too), but I think she was pretty pleased once it was out. What do you think?

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