Sunday, April 30, 2017


The end of April in a nutshell.

Lots of April birthday celebrations, which I will write more about in my next post.

And just our other random moments. Like:

Flower collecting while leaving (real estate) fliers.
 I did my own hair... and am mighty proud.
 My handsome boy turned 1!
 How Wes is 90% of the day. #lifeofarealtor
 Hanging with cousins.
Family park/soccer days.
 Bike rides
 Preschool days (letter "X" treasure hunt)
2 day Real Estate conference in Long Beach. (Really excited about the new opportunities too)
 Costco run (for his party).
 Golf lessons (with dad)
 Sweet morning snuggles
 New swing and backyard fun
 And, we had 2 helicopters taking water from our lake to put out a nearby fire.

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