Friday, April 14, 2017


Wes' birthday follows 6 days after mine. And I planned his day (but let's be honest it was kind of a celebration for me as much as it was for him, since we did some of my favorite activities).

We took Peyton out of school early and headed out to the beach, bikes in tow for a fun day in the partial sun.

It was warm (a little bit cloudy), but windy; which made it kind of chilly. So we didn't play at the beach too long, but that's ok, since we did one of my favorite activities which is a bike ride on the boardwalk from Newport Beach to the Huntington Beach pier.

It was Peyt's first time doing the 7.5ish miles (about 3.5 each way) by herself and I was afraid she wouldn't make it. The wind was so strong pushing us on the way there, we had to stop and walk a few times, and I had to verbally keep her going to the best of my abilities. But she did it! Like I say to my girls all the time, "we do hard things in our family" and I genuinely believe pushing ourselves makes us better. She did great coming back without the wind (which I think was a relief to us all since it was super dark, I didn't want to walk at all).

We also had such a funny experience as we started our walk on the pier after locking our bikes up. We heard our names being shouted out so we looked around only to see my brother in law Adam's head poking through the window of a nearby restaurant. And he was with my sister and their son, as well as my mom and dad. What coincidence! So we walked in and said hello for a moment before continuing on to the end of the pier where we got ourselves 2 milkshakes (for free thanks the birthday gift from Ruby's) along with a big basket of fries to share. It was pretty awesome to sit looking out over the water with my all time favorite people as we celebrated my favorite person!

Another fabulous day in the books.

We started our celebrations at about noon (when Peyton got home from school) with singing, a cake/eclair (one of his favs), and presents. We always do "heavy heavy hangover" with presents, and bestow wishes upon one another. Wes gave wishes for each girl specific to their loves.
 My original plan was to stop for lunch at one of Wes' favorite places (Baja Fish tacos; not to be confused with Baja Fresh),  but the line was out the door ridiculous so we opted for Chipotle instead.
At the beach it was way too cold for the water, so we built sandcastles, lounged in the sunshine and played on a massive sand pile for a while. Griffin opted to eat handfuls of sand and gag himself rather than play. Oh, and he enjoyed crawling after birds too. Because of the birds he started pointing for the first time too, and lemme tell ya, cute chubby baby points are thee cutest!
 My favorite picture of the day... what you can't see is the fact he was laughing as he tipped over and his legs stuck straight up in the air.

Then it was onto the bike ride and pier.......
 Look closely and you will recognize some of those faces..... (my family having dinner)
Happiest birthday to the man that makes my world turn. I love you for forever! 1-2-3

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