Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Rest of May

There is still a lot I haven't written about in the month of May. And in a desperate attempt to get to it all, I am throwing it all on this post. So it will be super random, and probably not very interesting to the majority of people, but I like to get to the small things as well as the big.

Griffin, is so playful. And as I was attempting to get him to fall asleep one day I couldn't help but laugh at him as he was so silly and cute.
 Wes has been trying to take the girls weekly to the golf course to get some practice in. One of these days they ran into this fella'.
 And later that night (at our free Cafe Rio) Tremor from the Quakes showed up and gave my kids a thrill.
 My Polar Pop pal. I think I need to cut back because Jovie wants to grow up and drink "sody sallyraytus" everyday just like me.
 Girl's night out with some of the girls from my ward. Love these nights.
 My chore helpers.
 Celebrating Logan's 1st birthday!
 The girls decided to make a robot out of a Costco box. I think it was pretty awesome!
 Friday night cotton-candy and movie night.
 I get a million cute pictures like this every single day.
 Dog-pile with our cute friends. We call them twin friends because they are about the same age and look so similar. People get the younger two, Jovie and Rubie confused all the time. And both Ellie and Peyton have wild curly hair. We love these cute friends of ours.
 Jovie took the money she earned from doing a study at UCR to buy this giant spoon at Yogurtland. If you ever wonder what a 4 year old wants to buy with their own money, look no further.
 We straightened this girls hair and she aged 5 years.
 And this boy... lookin' so cute sitting and eating like a big kid. On Memorial Day after spending a while at the cemetery we went back to Danny and Sarah's house for s'mores and fire. Oh and looking at their snake too.
 On Memorial Day this boy LOVED the pool. Like walking around laughing and screaming with joy loved!
 Jovie's new favorite trick. The one eyebrow raise.
 Playing go-fish and puzzles together while Peyt's at school and Fin naps.
 Peyton made Jovie cute Play-doh jewelry and was so proud of her designs.
 Looking at the new baby donkey that was just born in the neighborhood.
 A friend in the ward invited these 2 over to her house to do a Father's Day craft, eat snacks and play. It was fabulous!

Memorial Day

All gave some, 
But some gave All.

We met up with my brother and his family at the nearby veterans cemetery to observe Memorial Day.  I know don't think the kids really understand what Memorial Day is all about quite yet, try as we might to explain it to them; but what I do know is how grateful we all are to enjoy the freedoms we do.

End of the School Year Fun and Festivities

I remember as a kid the end of the school year was the best. The prospect of Summer is there, and school is all about celebrating and basically using up mandatory days with fun.

Peyton had a fun "camp out" day (their 1st grade theme was camping so this went along with that), where they played games and had a lot of outside fun. My only complaint is that she asked if Wes could be the one to come help out that day. So not only did he get to go have fun during this activity he also got to do their one field trip this year too, and I like a sucker did all the classroom helping. I kid of course, because I love being in the classroom. But, seriously, how did Wes manage to be invited to all the really fun days?!

And it seemed like those 2 had a lot of fun that day. He was good enough to take some photos, and Peyton's darling teacher sent me some as well. For anyone wondering, we simply LOVED her teacher this year. She was the honestly. Other teachers could learn a lot from her!

But, I got cute pictures of them and really am so glad he can help out and be an active part of her education.
canoe racing:
Tossing the ball or something (I'm sure this had a cute camping twist, I just don't know what it was):
Dressing up in appropriate camping gear and racing:
Stacking cups (again, not sure the relevance of this):
Making binoculars and lanterns:
And of course eating s'mores:

Their school also put on an end of the year art show. We try to go to as many school activities as possible and always have fun. This was a fun one because besides displaying their work, they also had hands on drawing activities, and Peyton even won the raffle (and got some markers).

Then there was the end of the 3rd trimester awards. Peyton was recognized for meeting all 1st grade standards as well as excelling in reading.

Her teacher (who like I said is the best) also recognized me for my help. How sweet is that?! She had all the kids decorate a flower and write sweet notes on the back. She put it in a pitcher with the phrase  "Thank you for pitching in this year! You helped our classroom so much!" And included a gift card to Target. What?! I would be lying if I said I didn't get all teary eyed as they did it. What do you expect, I cry about any and everything these days.
Leaving 1st grade is so bitter sweet. I loved her teacher, her class, and how sweet 1st grade was. But, she learned so much and it is so fun to watch her continue to grow and advance. But, honestly the growing up to this mama is more bitter than sweet. Can't they stay young a little longer?!