Saturday, March 11, 2017


So we decided to try out another little trail by our house one Saturday morning. The initial plan was to drive out to the desert to take in the super bloom caused by all the rain we've had this year. But, with  our car down and out we didn't want to make the 2+ hour drive in the heat so we opted to stay close to home. My mom and Ella joined us for the day.

We decided to do the "C" trail by our home. I am not sure if the C stands for Canyon Crest which is the community below it, or if it stands for California being that UCR (University of California Riverside) is directly beneath it, but we've seen it for a while and have been wanting to hike it. The trail was awesome. It was breathtakingly beautiful and green and actually pretty easy. Plus we had a little area of "super bloom" right there off the trail... full of California poppies. There was a big hawk or eagle flying and crying out as it landed in a beautiful lone tree with it's nest at the top. We saw many a critter as we hiked, which the kids enjoyed. But when we got to the end we realized it doesn't drop you right at the "C" but a ways above it. Well, we thought since we were there and so close we just had to finish it. Boy did we underestimate what that really meant. We basically had to boulder down the side of the mountain with a baby, a 4 year old, a 6 year old and an Ella. Actually, the kids all did remarkably well, honestly. We had our moments here and there by most of them, but really they were honestly such a bunch of troopers, because it was kinda hard and scary and they were justifiably worried at points. But we made it. Nobody could really walk on the C itself because it was so slick and you would surely fall if you tried to walk on it, so we sat and hung our legs over the edge while we ate our snacks. Peyton and Wes had to slide down at one point to recover something that fell and they had a time getting back up us, Peyton had to walk around the concrete to do it.

So, in the future I would definitely do the trail again, but I would end it where we were supposed to.

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