Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring Break

Our Spring Break was awesome for the fact that we had 2 weeks off of school. What was not so awesome was the little issue of funds being tight (we had/have some deals giving us grief and not closing on time) so we made due with what we had and went with it. But, my kids aren't particular and are pleased with just about anything we do; it's really me and my expectations that are the problem. I am sure Wes would agree with that statement. So we found some fun, free things to occupy us during our time off and the rest of the time we had "lazy" days at home, which are Peyton's favorites,so no complaints there.

Week 1

On day one we had to drive to Torrance (out past L.A.) to recover Wes' stolen wallet which was found by police. Police happened to make a routine traffic stop and pulled over a couple only to find over 100 wallets in their car, Wes' being one of them. So to save effort we drove way out there to get his belongings. And since it was quite a drive we tried to find something fun (but not too time consuming limited amount of time because of traffic) while we were out there. Which ended up being a fun park, with the BEST view and a little picnic.

Look at little Mean Muggins...
 The park was appropriately called Rocketship Park and was in a wealthy area where lots of nannies had their charges with them.
 But it gave great views of downtown L.A., LAX, the ocean and the many cities surrounding us.

Of course during our time off we did lots of walks, bike rides, park days but the funnest things we did were our hikes.

Like Pumpkin Rock in Norco.... we blazed our own trail right up the side and it took all of 5-10 minutes. It was too scary going down that way with the kids, so Wes went back down the steep way to get the car while the kids and I took the trail back until we got to a park to play for a while. It was a great little hike and a perfect day.
 Right before this photo was taken the girls were walking a ways in front of me and the sun was slanting down on them as they held hands and stopped together to look for lady bugs. It was one of those moments I was overcome with emotion. It was such a simple, happy moment and I desperately wanted to remember it for forever. And here I am struggling to write down the details and my feelings because that is life and memory is faulty. But I am grateful for photos and this blog to write down even snapshots of time and try to remember sweet fleeting moments that are gone too soon.

On Friday I met up with my friend Haley and her 4 sweet kiddos at the UCR gardens for a picnic and to walk around and explore. It was another perfect (maybe even warmish) day. It was a lot of fun even if we were scolded for letting our kids run wild off the trails (some older lady worker tried to scare us with mountain lion fears, at noon in the middle of the garden). And to throw in the other side of motherhood I about dumped a bottle of water on Jovie's head (literally I had it in my hand ready to dump) as she cried for 30 straight minutes about anything and everything. She literally lost control and cried over a stick. A stick in the middle of trees. I had it with her and was grateful to get home and remove myself from her because she was a-buggin. But, I didn't dump water on her... mom win. She gave me a few weeks of the whiniest, cry-iest child ever and boy am I glad we are about over that. Moments like that I am grateful to forget!
 These 2 had to stick together being surrounded by all those girls.

 These pandas found their afternoon snack
 Crying over a stick, or maybe the caterpillar she couldn't find anymore, or that everyone else had more roly polies than her. I couldn't even say at this point. But it is also when I knew it was time to go.

And we ended week one of Spring Break in Chino at their Grandparent's house with cousins eating ice-cream. Which in my opinion is a good way to end the week.

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