Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Break: Week 2

We spent a lot of week 2 in San Clemente at our cousin's house and exploring out there. Sadly they did not share our Spring Break so we crashed at their pad, threw off their schedule big time and were sad we couldn't have more time together. Cousin time is the best time in case you didn't already know.

Before getting there we did a fun hike called "Dripping Caves" or "Robbers Cave" in Aliso Viejo. Honestly we couldn't have picked better weather or more perfect timing. It was clear, green and had so much Springtime beauty. The hike was pretty easy and fun, although it took us longer than it should have with all the sand dumping out of shoes that kept happening on our walk. Luckily the girls are becoming pretty good hikers which is fun.

The only issue we had was trying to get Peyton to hold the caterpillar we found while we were out. She really wanted to but freaked every time we brought it near to her. It was funny but became frustrating too... the wailing, screaming and crying got out of hand. But, she did it and was so proud the entire way back; she kept praising herself on the walk home, as if holding a caterpillar is some sort of feat.

We spent the rest of the time out there at the beach and finding other hidden gems like this princess tower in Laguna you can only get to during low tide. It was all so pretty but I saw way too many girls trying to model half a bathing suit while there. When did thongs come back in style?! //cringe//
 I adore this photo... she was genuinely this happy playing in the water.
 And Wes and Peyton had to climb this huge rock near us. That's them up there.
 If you look closely you can see that big rock Peyton and Wes climbed in the background there below.
 Ended the day with Slurpee's and the spa with cousins (to wait out traffic... again).

We ended week 2 putting the kids (okay mostly Peyton) to work leaving real estate door fliers on homes with me and Wes. We try to get out there every few weeks. This was her first time going (she is usually at school) and she was honestly soooo helpful. Loved having her with me. And when she wasn't hanging fliers she and Jovie were accumulating piles of roly polies. They are kind of obsessed to say the least.

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