Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Salvation Mountain

We've had this bizarre place on our list of places to go to for quite some time. So on President's Day our plans with cousins fell through due to some illnesses and we decided to do it that day. It was quite an adventure.

I don't think I can adequately describe our experience. It was far away, and I'll preface this whole post with this: if I were to do it again, I wouldn't. Not because it wasn't interesting and all, but it was too far for what it was. If I was an hour away in like say Indio or something, sure, but I wouldn't drive from here again. Because it was a full day of driving and fortunately my kids are troopers (especially when we put movies in the car).

But we rolled up and were surprised by how small and in what a funny location it was in. But the real surprise came from the surrounding area. It was weird!  Like what my nightmares are made of. Hippies everywhere. Naked bodies, weird art and cars. Anarchy at its finest people. Read up about it if you want here and here. And I'll say my worst experience was opening the porto-potty for the girls when we arrived. When they say no sewage they mean it. It was overflowing. We opted for the side of the road which was WAYYYYYY cleaner. Yuck! It also made both Wes and I on-guard as we read about the place and realized how little order was in the area; we were sure to keep the kids in eyes view.
But, some nice drifters gave the girls their own crystals on the side of the road. Jovie picked a pretty blue one, which they informed her would bring her health. Everytime she misplaced it (even for just a second) she was sure she was going to get sick and worried about her health instantaneously.

We walked around a bit, laughed about how the whole place was put together and took in the scene as a whole. I like having my kids experience the new and weird, gives them character. Then we started the long journey home. With just a short pit-stop at In-N-Out for dinner. So, I will simply say it was quite the experience.

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