Friday, March 31, 2017


Let's finish up all the small things of March I have yet to write about.........

Dr. Seuss week... this is my little Yertle the Turtle (her character choice)
 Jovie word choice, "Splendid. I got splendid. Splendid means you got hurt really bad. And I definitely got splendid." This is after she fell down on her bike.
 Spring photo.
 Outdoor fun.....
 Boys. This is my first child who removed clothes in order to climb in the basket. He's also my first child to climb on the dishwasher. He's a little more wild but I'm loving it all.
 Open house with Peyton's cute teacher, Mrs. Hidalgo.
 Peyton and Ella had a little date night with my parents. Here they are at dinner.
 And while she was out with my parents we took Jovie to her favorite place ever.... In n Out.
 Peyton's sweet little friend Zachary bought her an Italian Ice from school... He's such a sweet kid.
 Cutest little stander
 And finally my pretties.

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