Friday, March 17, 2017

Luck O' the Irish

St. Patrick's Day happened to land on the Friday of the awards assembly, Grammy date, and about everything else.

So, we had our busy morning getting to the school and getting Jovie ready for her date. The best surprise was that Grammy hung around after their date and surprised Peyton by taking the two girls to get frozen yogurt after school too. After parting ways with Grammy we packed into the car and headed to the park for our annual St. Patrick's treasure hunt with some of our friends. We partied with our playgroup peeps for a while. We had a good time eating too much candy and pizza before going straight from the park to our other friends house for our bi-monthly dinner date (Rio Trio date). We stayed up way too late playing games (while the kids passed out watching a movie) and eating more food and had a great time doing it. This also kicked started our 2 weeks off for Spring Break, so I am pretty sure we set ourselves up nicely.

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