Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Haircut and some Spaghetti

We gave Griffin his first real haircut. (We've trimmed with scissors before in the past, but this was the first time using clippers). It was kind of bittersweet to me. Because while I knew he needed a little trim (it was so long just on top, it looked pretty funny) it was sad because it was yet another thing to age that little baby boy of mine (which is the WORST)! But, with that said, could he be any cuter?! I say nay! He looks so much older now, which is the cutest and the dumbest. I want my baby back, dang it!

And that same day he had his first spaghetti (with sauce) experience. Again, cutest ever! I think this boy is going to be very much like his daddy and sisters and eat A LOT of noodles. That is the food of choice for every single person in this family other than me.

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