Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Recap

And all the rest of February.

Jovie considers herself "the bug girl" and takes great pride in catching anything that crawls. Including this cricket at Joann's. She was obsessed over it the 20 minutes we were in the store. Wes would've freaked if he would've seen her laying on the ground, butt crack showing playing with a bug. I thought the whole thing was pretty funny personally. I did have to convince her to leave him outside though.
 This boy is an eater. He can eat half of an in-n-out patty and bun. Plus fries. And he loves eating!
 My cute sleepy people.
 For Super Bowl Sunday we went to my parents house to watch the game, and celebrate Emmett's b-day.
 The big kids (Asher taking the lead) put on a magic trick for the little kids during the game.
 We celebrated National Frozen Yogurt Day with free yogurt. It really wasn't as bad as the line behind us makes it look. Maybe a 5 minute wait time.
 Story time at the library.
 And Jovie modeling something or another during our daily Polar Pop run. (She is constantly asking me to take her photo).
 Like this one here. This restaurant statue is right next to the kid's pediatrician, and almost every time we go she asks to take a photo by him.
 Park nights.
 But let's be honest, this is really what they want to do every day.
 Cute kids playing on the computer.
 Wes drove through some water. At least that's how he described it to me. It destroyed the engine. We had to have an entirely new engine built and put in (thank heavens for insurance). Big time stress involved (putting it lightly, it kinda ruined the entire month of March with worry and issues)! Moral of the story: don't drive through water.

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