Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sin City Slayer

We did it again. Another great murder mystery dinner at the McCook's. Remember the last one here? This year we had some newcomers and Ryan was still an fun waiter, but not so great at it. His character was constantly spilling on us and sneezing into our food, or licking his fingers before serving us. It's all in the details my friends.

Wes was a big movie star, from the hit movie, "Ice Cold Fangs." But NO ONE liked him.

How these things play out, is you are given a personality prior to the dinner. You know a little about yourself and background and how to dress. Once you show up throughout the night you are give more and more details about yourself as well as your relationship with others. You are also given information to divulge or hold onto.

And as it happened the information we were all given is that Wes was a real tool no one liked.

I was a popular gossip columnist from Vegas and had lots of info on people as well as some beef.

Others there included: News journalists, fashion icons, the concierge from the hotel, a star struck tennis instructor, Hollywood A-listers, magicians, hair dresser, and carnie.

It was fun watching it all play out and we all had a GREAT time!

And wouldn't you know it my sister killed my husband. We all knew Wes would be whacked (seriously he was a despicable character, I don't think Wes loved his character), but by his own sister-in-law! Honestly.

So yes, Heidi (I wish I could remember everyone's fictional names) was the Sin City Slayer.

Thanks McCooks for being the funnest, best hosts!!!!

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