Friday, March 17, 2017

Second Trimester and a Date

Not second trimester of pregnancy but rather in 1st grade. Peyton again was honored during the second trimester awards assembly for basically meeting all the core standards for first grade.
 Jovie just waves at Peyton for the majority of the time she stands on the stage.

It was nice because my parents and Sandie came out for it. And afterward Sandie took Jovie on a Grammy date for her (belated but elated) birthday. Jovie honestly lives for Grandma (or Grandpa) dates. If I am talking or texting a grandparent the very very first thing she wants me to do is ask when she can have a "Grammy or Nana" date. I don't know if it is because she is a middle child and doesn't get a lot of time one on one with grandparents without siblings or cousins around but if I ask what she wants to do (for like a special night or something) she always wants me to call them and ask one of them to take her on a date. I always explain that those are special and she needs to be invited but obviously hasn't sunk in, and each week we have the same discussion.

For this particular birthday date Grammy took her to the mall and Jovie asked for her picture to be taken everywhere they went (I have photo evidence... Jovie is seriously a ham.... and I love it) and then they saw the brand new Beauty and the Beast together. It was a dream come true for that sweet 4 year old.

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