Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lovey Dovey

Ahhhhh, Valentine's Day. We like to celebrate all month long. My kids loved receiving small gifts, candy or love notes in their mailboxes each morning leading up to Valentine's Day.

We never do much for each other but I got Wes a few small favorite treats of his; and he surprised me with the cutest videos ever of the girls for me. It was just what I LOVE, and I appreciated it so much! Plus he took all the kids out to make the videos leaving me home alone. That alone was a fabulous gift.

That morning we got ready with special hair, heart clothes and pink pancakes.
Jovie had a fun little Valentine's party with her playgroup friends where they exchanged Valentines and ate snacks while they played at the park.
 And later that day while the girls were playing on the trampoline I forced them to take some photos together. The lighting was so perfect and they were so cute and happy. Well, Griffin wasn't so happy to have the girls kissing him, he wanted to be free crawling around.
 And this one was my favorite.
 Seriously, he was so over being kissed by them though.
We ended our day with our traditional "hearts" candlelight dinner for the kids. Costco sells heart-shaped raviolis so we give them that along with a fruit salad and special drink (sorbet and sprite). Wes and I serve the kids. Griffin and Jovie had a LONG day playing outside and they both pooped out halfway through dinner so I took them upstairs and put those two to bed. Peyton finished her dinner (and dessert) before joining her siblings in bed. Wes was busy preparing a special dinner for the two of us (yummy steak) and I came down and made a delectable dessert for the two of us. It was a good night.

  The day before Valentine's Day Wes did take me out on a Valentine's/anniversary date. Our tradition for our anniversary is always Benihana. But the day we celebrated (in January) they were not taking reservations and the wait was too long so we did our date on the 13th. Benihana and Star Wars: Rogue One. It was a perfect (kid free) night. I love my love!!!

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