Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bonfire in February

My Uncle Kevin and Aunt Connie, as well as cousin Jake and his cute wife Tiffany came down for vacation from Utah in mid February. They partied hard and did all the fun California things. We were able to join them for an evening at Balboa Beach for a bonfire one of the days they were down. We lucked out that it wasn't too cold, and though the fog rolled in, the wind stayed away and we had a fantastic evening watching the fishermen on the pier try to reel in their fish before the hungry sea lion snagged it off their line and grilling hotdogs and s'mores on the empty beach.

Kevin is my mom's brother
 The girls (thanks to the prompting of Nana) tried seaweed.... Peyton went in for seconds.
 A school of fish must have swam through because these fishermen were throwing in their lines and catching something almost instantaneously.
 Jakey became Jovie's bud the whole night

 I love this photo for many many reasons. But one particular is I got Griffin's tongue in their which he did a lot that month. Off to the side and curled up.The fact I caught it as he sat happily on Boppie's shoulders was just icing on the cake.
 And this photo looks pretty rad with the fog rolling in.

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Annette Todd said...

That really was a very fun afternoon/evening and I'm so glad you were able to join us!