Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Traditional Fish Santa

One of my favorite traditions is going to Bass Pro Shop at Christmas to see the "real" Santa.We figure he must be the real one because he is just the sweetest and best! Griffin again loved Santa and Santa returned those feelings. He had a nice conversation with Griff who sat and looked at him and smiled. At the end of the exchange Santa even planted a sweet kiss on the top of his head. It was a sweet moment. But, I hate how Peyton look like a tween girl here. Stay small dang it!

This year we met up with our friends the Guerrero's (and went too late in December because the line was out of control). So while the boys waited (and grumbled) in line we moms and kids walked around, rode the carousel and did our best to keep us busy until it was our turn. We may have grumbled a little too watching the weird couples in matching pj's use up the time taking pictures with Santa. Kids should def. have the priority with meeting Santa right?! And each family needs a time limit. Can I get an amen?!

 Peyton and Jackson (who looks thrilled right? He was obviously too old to enjoy this). Peyton loved the fact that she taught him that a Caribou and Reindeer were the same thing.
Jovie's letter to Santa (check out her backwards written name)
 And Peyton's letter: Dear Santa, Can you please give me a cotton candy maker?

After we were done we hit up a drive through, and then met up with some other friends to walk around Rancho and look at the spectacular Christmas lights. It was such a fun fun night!

But speaking of Christmas lights our crazy house down the street was back this year and we hit that up a few times during the season too. (Not the same night but definitely worth mentioning).

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