Friday, February 3, 2017

Sock Hop

In February Peyton's school had their daddy-daughter dance fundraiser. The two of them (Wes and Peyt) went last year together, and this year Jovie joined in on the action. They started the night with dinner at Chili's (Peyton had gotten a gift certificate at school and it was a good excuse to use it) and they headed to the dance afterward. Wes said it was a bit of a bust because he ended up standing in line almost the entire time they were there waiting to take a picture at the photo booth. The girls however, had the time of their life. They danced/conga lined the night away. Wes took them to the park afterward to Pokemon (of course) and dance a little together since he missed out. They ended the night getting ice-cream and bounded in the house excitedly telling me all about it. Griffin and I had a nice relaxing night watching TV and going to bed early. It was awesome for us too. My favorite part is the cute outfits the girls wore my mom helped me make the day before. I don't think I could have gotten cuter pictures of the girls and Wes... they are my favorite!

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Annette Todd said...

I love this post and these sweet pictures!