Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Regular Willy Wonka

I feel like I'm really coming up in the world cuz' for the first time ever I was invited to the very exclusive candy making day with the Aleman girls (and friends The Biggs' and Nielsons). It was genuinely an experience to be part of that because all cooking took place in The Avocado House's industrial kitchen. I felt a little like I belonged on a Cooking Network show (besides the fact that I didn't know how to make candy.... at all). But, it was an awesome, all day experience. Thanks Babes for keeping the kids so I could go (what a guy)!

What did we make you ask?
(Sandie taught me to make pecan logs, which is what I worked on most of the day).
Who was responsible? Us.
What did the process look like?

Later that month I met up with my mom, sisters and our daughters for our annual Christmas baking day at Hayley's house. It was nowhere near as fancy as the previous cooking day, and our food wasn't quite as elaborate, but it was a pretty fun day too.
 The girls gave up baking to watch Home Alone after a couple hours. My girl's new favorite Christmas movie.
 And of course you have to paint your nails at baking days.
 But we finished strong and had a great time!
 The Aleman girls made chocolate peanut butter balls... and they were goo-oooooood!

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