Saturday, December 31, 2016

Jovie Turns the BIG 4!

If I am to be completely honest it seems like she has been 4 for a long time. She is a really, really smart little girl. She is just such a chatter box, who loves to play with the big kids, has been writing her name for months, and does things much older children do, it is almost weird to me that it is barely now she is 4. Jovie girl is a good time. She is a hilarious little entertainer who is constantly a leader and life of the party. She has no fear with public appearances though she is no thrill seeker either. She does have a bit of a temper but is also the lover of the family; constantly giving words of affirmation and physical affection to any and everyone. Jovie has a song and dance on the tip of her tongue at all times and will bust it pretty much at any given notice. She is still not the best eater (and would prefer candy, gum and fruit snacks for every meal) but she has also started eating hamburgers with the best of them, which is a vast improvement from her former life as a vegetarian (the last 3 years). She is such a passionate little person who lives life with exuberance and can almost always be found with a HUGE smile of her face. In fact she is known among others as being Miss Congeniality and is so well liked by her peers it makes my mommy heart happy. She is a friend to all and I am proud to call her mine! What a blessing her sweet spirit has been in our home. We love our little Joviekins.

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