Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Break

I love breaks from school. I love having my family all together. I love lazy days, and I LOVE fun family days. I do feel a little pressure to make everyday fun, but luckily it's self brought and not guilted to me by my children. Let's be honest they would honestly be happiest if I let them watch shows and play on the tablet all day. But I don't (usually) let them do that so getting out of the house and doing things is so much easier than keeping them occupied all day at home. So outings seem to be the way to go.

Our first adventure was the Santa Ana Zoo with some of Wes' family. I have never been there before and had no expectations. Peyton only wanted to see monkeys which was lucky for her because that was basically the whole zoo. Jovie just likes being with her friends (cousins) so as long as they are there she is pleased with life.

We had a fun day walking around. Peyton asked to take pictures on my phone and she was quite the photographer all day long. I would say the vast majority of photos are from her. She took about 10 of every single animal we found. I deleted all but one of each one because she loves looking back at the photos she took. My mom gave me a rule when I was about 12 not to take pictures of landscape or "new friends" because no one wants to look at those photos. I totally understand her now. I took my fun new camera and though I am still totally learning how to use a nice camera (which is harder than I anticipated) I enjoyed taking photos all day too. I hope to take a class and become better.

Cousin time really is the BEST time!
 Cutest little bums all looking at the animals!
 I did break my rule to play with my camera.

And with all those kids we only had one little mishap. At the end of the day we were eating outside while the kids played on the playground there in the park. Suddenly Ashleigh started looking for Wyatt (you know how we moms have to keep an eye out every few moments to make sure our number of kids are present, be it 1 or 5), after a few moments she stood to look and so the rest of us started looking with her. Then she started walking and we all stood to look. When she still couldn't find him search parties were sent out around the area. I stayed with a few other adults and Brinley but still glancing all around. Finally after what felt like forever but was probably 5 min Brinley pointed and said "Is that him?" Pointing around a building to a little figure all by himself. So I handed Griffin to her and took off. Sure enough it was Wyatt just standing there not phased in the slightest. Ashleigh came running over a second later and all was well. We adults were all shaken but the kids were completely oblivious to it all. Jovie also told me her shoes were lost in the bathroom, which was bizarre and untrue. Peyton and Trent had hidden them from her and told her that and she bought into the story. Why she has to take her shoes off everywhere we go is beyond me.

But besides that, the day was really fun and easy.

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