Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Wrap-Up

November seems like it just came and went so quickly. Having a week off of school during the middle of it sure helped. It's hard getting back into the swing of things after such a fun holiday week.

Here's some more fun/funny things that happened during the month.

Wes put up our Christmas lights... see him up there hanging over the edge of the roof?! Eeeeeks, glad he is willing to do it because I can't get past the 4th rung.
 Peyton doing story-time for Jovie one night before bed.
 That same night Wes was leaving and the girls just looked so cute waving good-bye from their window. It's just the cutest thing whenever you leave and they are awake seeing their little faces and hands through the window.
 Jovie asks to "go on a date" everyday we after we drop Peyton off at school. The date is a little 5 minute drive north of Peyton's school where the donkeys hang out each morning. Sometimes we hit up the connecting park too... but too many times it is wet or too cold for that.

She also came in from smelling the flowers one day and had pollen all over her face. My cute little bumble bee girl.
 Fun little lunch at The Habit Burger after taking Griffin to get his flu shot. It was such a beautiful day. The weather throughout November was the best!
 Peyton came home one day with a gift certificate for being "caught being college ready" which means she had done something throughout the week to earn a red paw print. On Fridays the front office randomly picks a name and reads it over the loud speaker. Her name happened to be chosen and she was so excited!
 A fun little hike at Mt. Rubidoux one day while Miss Peyton was at school.
 After Peyton's soccer games we always took them to get Slurpees. Somehow it became a habit to come do silly things through the window to try and make me laugh. ( I was usually in the car with Griffin since he was almost always asleep).
 He also started sitting in the carts like a big boy. This was his first time doing it at the good ol' 99 Cent store.
 Girl date to get frozen yogurt.
 Peyton took this one night while we were out playing in the backyard.

 More bedtime stories.
 The girls LOVE playing with Griffin and the poor boy can't even get a diaper change without them laying all over him and trying to play with him constantly.

 We watched a friend's dog for a week and Jovie enjoyed taking the dog for a walk and picking flowers all along the way.
 Funny Thanksgiving hats before the break (they are turkey legs, the side-view was better). This is Peyton with her friend Sammy.
 Eating like a big boy anything he can get his hands on.
 Uncle Shaun came to visit. In case you can't tell the girls were pretty happy to have him with us. We sure miss him!
 I got brave and did my own hair... I want to learn to do my own color to save money and because I think it is really fun actually. I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials before attempting it.
 Some fun photos from our family photo session.
 Jovie took this one of me. It's her vantage point for most of the day. We were driving back from doing a craft with my dad.
My cuties all playing together.
Playing at gymnastics free play.
And lest you forgot their Pokemon obsession they made this video. The Jigglypuff song.
Oh and Yes, I forgot, big news! Griffin started doing an army crawl as of 11/20. 1 day short of 7 months.

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