Wednesday, January 18, 2017


For Jovie's birthday my parents wanted to take her on a special date. Actually they gave her the option to bring Peyton along if she wanted to. She declined this invitation but was willing to let Griffin come along. I declined that option. So off she went on her own little date. Actually, that is not quite true either. One Wednesday afternoon (it's our early release day) we met up with my parents by the theater near their house and all watched Moana together (which we all loved). From there my parents took Jovie home with them and started her date. When asked what she wanted to do previous to said date she said "Chuck-E-Cheese and In-N-Out." Ahhhh a child of my own heart, all food. So what did they do with her? They spent the evening at Chuck-E-Cheese (which was her first time), and then she spent the night and next morning with my parents and on the way home the next day they hit up In-N-Out, leaving me with one very happy child who reflects on her birthday date all the time!

While Jovie was out having a great time the rest of us took a detour home through Mission Inn.... you know we had to do some Pokemon-ing since we were in the area. We also realized we were pretty hungry and near a place we had been wanting to try. So we took another detour to Heroes in Mission Inn. We had heard about some chili cheese nachos you could make into curly fries and added some carne asada. And it was Yuge! Like we all shared and made it through only about half of it yuge (huge). And all of us enjoyed it thoroughly!

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