Tuesday, November 1, 2016

All Hallows Eve

And then the Halloween festivities began. Ward parties, family parties, trick or treating, etc.

We had so much fun making the girls costumes this year. Little Jovie changed her mind literally almost Every. Single. Day. I can't even remember how many ideas she had. A cat, minion, movie character, astronaut, etc, etc. etc. Once I started making the parts to her costume, she was forced to commit. It was all the easier because her little friend also wanted to be a unicorn so they were happy to be "twinners" and it was easier for me working with a friend to figure out the "how to". Jovie only had 2 requirements: 1. That she was a rainbow unicorn (I had seen on Pinterest a few really cute gold/stylish ideas, she wasn't interested in them in the least). and 2. That she had lights. So I improvised a few ideas to make it happen, and I am glad I did, because she and Peyton were so easy to find in the night.

Peyton came up with about 2 ideas, and once she settled on a robot, she was happy with it and never changed her mind. I am not going to lie, I was stoked she wanted to be a robot because I had been pushing her towards that for about the last 2 years to no avail. And, her costume was not only super easy to make, it was a hit with everyone (and super legit)! Maybe my favorite costume yet. So maybe everyone thought she was a boy, but she was the cutest ever in it. One thing I LOVE about Peyton is she doesn't really care what people say about her and or what others are doing. If she likes something or wants to do something she is 100% okay with being different.

We started our festivities at our church party where Peyton was one of about 3 costume contest winners. Wes and I threw together some costumes last minute. Wes was able to borrow some scrubs, and I hit up a thrift store about an hour before our party started. I had the idea a few weeks before and ordered Griffin something online to match us, but didn't do anything about it until it was almost too late. Not our best, but hey, at least we dressed up this year.
The girls had a blast not eating a single thing for dinner, running around like crazy with their friends playing games and eating sugar and ending the night trick-or-treating (doing the rounds about 3 times).

Of course we had to get our pumpkin carving in. And I couldn't believe both girls participated this year and did almost everything themselves.
They begged me to get into the picture and then couldn't stop giggling as they kept ruining the picture by doing something silly. Wes caught this gem, and I just love the natural smiles from both of them.

My parents planned the next party at their house with all the kids/cousins. Whenever we all get together it is a lot of fun, and a lot of noise! Crazy, loud fun-noise.

And of course the big night came to trick-or-treat. My kids LOVE Halloween, and to them it is honestly comparable to Christmas. I am so happy they live life with such happiness and joy. We met up with our friends The Guerreros and a few other families to walk around a nearby neighborhood. We had a great time! Griffin fell asleep pretty fast bundled up in his costume, and Jovie found our friend, Patty, who has helped in her joy school and held her hand and called her Grandma most of the night. I love Patty and she was so sweet to little Jovie and her real granddaughter Rubie who hung with her on our walk.

And like I said it was easy to find them in the dark thanks to their light-up costumes.
 running from house to house
 The police came down the street with their lights on and pulled over to give all the kids candy, a safety book and a flashing light.
 Jovie and Grandma Patty walking the hood
 And my cute little unicorn with cotton candy all over her face
 And I think their happy faces sum up the good time they all had.
Rubie and Ellie and Jovie and Peyton

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