Monday, November 21, 2016

7 Months

My baby boy just keeps growing faster and faster, I feel like I am stuck in some sort of time warp and I can't keep up. Each month comes faster than the last. He continues to wake up at least once a night (leaving this mommy tired and not going to lie a little grumpy over that little fact). He reaches for everything and anything (food, toys, silverware....  nothing is safe within his grasp). He started doing an army crawl (Wes calls it his zombie crawl) on 11/20 (the day before he turned 7 months). He squeals. He squeals with delight, and he squeals sometimes when he is angry. He will randomly look at us and just start laughing. He head bangs when he is happy, which looks exactly how it sounds. He constantly has his little tongue between his teeth/lips, which I assume is to feel those 2 new bottom teeth which are quite large now. I am not totally in love with those teeth because when he is bored nursing or close to being done he lets me know by giving a bite down, and lemme tell ya, those suckers hurt! He is becoming quite attached to me (which I most of the time love). He will be playing on the ground completely content, not a sound to be heard and I will simply walk by and he will shriek in anger until I come back and give him some loving. But really (besides the lack of sleeping through the night) what a chill little baby boy he is. He is a smiley, happy child whose bright eyes and big grin light up any and every room. If you simply make eye contact with the lad, you will get a huge smile from his mouth and eyes. He is such a beloved little boy with a big heart and sweet spirit, that makes everyone who knows him, love him.

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