Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Wrap-Up

 Some more fun haps in January..... (warning a lot of videos in this post)

Went to a friends Mickey birthday party. Cutest little mice I ever did see. And they pooped out on the way home. Ears on and all.
We had our cousins come over to spend the night one night. These crazies wanted to go fishing in the rain. Good thing Wes was a good sport and took them out. Sadly they didn't catch anything.
 This boy laughs at just about anything and Jovie had him rolling one night.

Actually she gets him going a lot. Don't be fooled though, Peyton gets him laughing pretty good a lot too.

 New couch! I can't even begin to explain how badly we needed a new one. The old one (while it was seriously the most comfortable couch in the world and will be missed) was gigantic in this small room. On top of that it literally had a rip in just about every cushion, the insides were outsides, and there were about 3 holes inside the couch itself that would suck in everything that entered it's domain. We lost a lot of wallets, phones, and remotes to those abysses. We are loving our smaller, more practical couch.

 I have a ton of pictures of just the kids. They aren't usually doing anything special, but because of who they are the pictures are so incredibly special.
This is my favorite video. These two have such a sweet, loving relationship. They both have hearts of gold and can often be found doing sweet things not even knowing anyone is watching them. Like making up songs on our walk to church. I adore having daughters.

Peyton digs the dab.
 Visiting a trampoline park. Peyton was so brave and jumped off this tall thing a few times.

 Playing with our good friends, The McCooks. It's so cute, Paige thinks we are her cousins.
 Here they are putting imaginary make-up on one another.

 Jovie's cute little friend Rubie brought by balloons and this cute little drawing on her b-day.

 Measuring ourselves at Grammy and Papa's house.

 Peyton is such a good (and actually useful) helper with her younger siblings.

I got to help in Peyton's class one day. I took her out to lunch. Well kinda. She was so excited I made her an egg salad sandwich (which is one of her favorites) that even though I offered to take her out to lunch she said she would rather picnic and eat what she had packed. So we headed to a nice parking lot at the base of the "M" mountain trail and ate in the car (it was wet) and watched squirrels and birds while we listened to Disney music and talked. It was actually a great time.

This kid is moving and talking more and more and is just becoming such a big baby rather than an infant.

He's also learning to give kisses, and LOVES to eat.

And on the days we had sunshine we took advantage of it, much to the younger ones happiness.
 Because most days in January looked more like this.

Wes ordered a BUNCH of marketing fliers. So every other week you might see us walking the streets of the area he works passing them out on doors. It takes a long time but it's good exercise. More for Wes than me, because I am constantly having to stop to help the 2 I have in the stroller. I like to pretend I am helping, but it's almost as if Wes is doing it all on his own.. because he basically is.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Balloon Boy

This kid had a BLAST playing (and getting tangled) in Jovie's birthday balloons.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

#2 Down

Peyton lost and lost her 2nd tooth. This time she didn't swallow it, but put it in the little tooth box we got her (so she wouldn't lose teeth) and was playing on my bed as I did laundry. She dropped her tooth in the big pile and it was lost forever! (If you saw the size of her baby teeth you would understand why finding that tooth was a lost cause). So we wrote up yet another note to the tooth-fairy and called it good. Again.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Oh Baby!

I got a kick out of this. Peyton wanted to feed Griff, and was thirsty at the same time.

Monday, January 23, 2017


The word cousin and friend is pretty interchangeable around these parts. The girls are still learning who cousins are and who friends are because their friends seem like cousins and cousins like friends; because they love them so much and have so much fun with them. They are all at the important moments in our life (blessings, baptisms, family dinners, etc). And boy oh boy are we grateful for them (and their parents).

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Take a Hike

The El Nino rains that came through this winter have transformed California into a place of pure beauty. I have never seen it so green. So one day in between days and days of raining we braved the cold and headed out on a hike with some family to enjoy the beauty. Plus seriously we had to take advantage of the good weather before the rain started again, which it did the next day. And when I say cold I am definitely talking about California standards.

 And seriously Jovie attached herself to Carter and the sweet boy he is, he held her hand almost the entire time. Be still my heart. And how thankful I am for older cousins, because they are all so good to my children and it is such a blessing!

Arrrr Matey

The night of the escape room we ended up spending the night at my parent's house since they watched the kids and I planned on taking the girls and my mom to a fun little run in Riverside the next morning. Well, we went to bed late, woke up early and had to be getting ready. Putting contacts in sleepy eyes is no fun and it burned like heck putting them in the morning. Plus I had to borrow an old contact case and saline from my dad because I had forgotten my own stuff. It burned so badly that I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed them trying to help them out. But all the rubbing hurt them even more to the point I couldn't open my eye at all and I was brought to tears. I kept trying to help my eye out with eye drops, flushing them with water, etc. I ended up leaving the house with my mom and girls and just kept my eye closed (it was going on an hour) as we headed to the run. It was burning so bad I just decided being blind in that eye would be better so I took the contact out all together.

This is where things got scary. When I took the contact out it was like a thick film was over my eye and I couldn't see anything. I freaked out! My mom was freaking out! It was seriously so scary. I called Wes to come get me so he could take me to the hospital (I was also still in soooo much pain). Meanwhile my mom agreed to take the girls to the run.

I got there and luckily they got me in pretty fast (it was honestly just soooooo painful in case I haven't made that clear). I saw the nurse who was taking my info and he put numbing drops into my eye, which helped a ton almost instantly and I was sent back to wait for the doctor. Sadly, the numbing drops wore off in about 5/10 min and I had to wait for like 15/20 min.

The doctor saw me and put more drops and dye into my eye to check it out with a special light. His exact words were, "Oh man, you scratched the heck out of the front of your eye." He said there was a big cut right down the front of my pupil. I was instructed to put drops in every 2 hours so as to keep away infection, which could seriously damage my eye permanently; and with where my cut was I was prone to infection. So they bandaged me up, told me to take some heavy meds and sent me home.

I ended up sleeping the day away, thanks to my meds, and Wes nursed me and put my drops in every 2 hours. I was still in pain (they couldn't give me the dang numbing drops sadly) but by day 2 was feeling soooo much better.

The girls had the BEST time during the fun color run they did with my mom. Jovie led the way and they followed her pace. They danced and had a good time. They were so sweet checking on me once they got home.

It all ended up fine, but I looked like a pirate for a day, which was pretty funny.
This was after a few hours once I could keep the other eye open at least. I don't know if you've ever been poked in the eye or anything, but it hurt so bad I couldn't keep either eye open for a long time. I had to walk through the hospital with me eyes closed just opening my left one every so often to see where I was going.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

9 Months

My baby boy turned 9 months this month. I know everyone says it, but geez time has just flown by with this kid. Even more so than with the girls. Maybe it's cuz he's the 3rd but I want more time with my baby, and he is quickly becoming a toddler boy.

This month he started crawling for goodness sake. How?! But I am lucky that he's basically the happiest, sweetest baby boy alive. He eats everything he can get his chubby baby fingers on (food or not food). He's a laughy boy, which I love. He started sleeping through the night (7-7ish). He has 6 teeth, 2 on the bottom and 4 big ones on the top. And he's by far the most popular boy in the whole house. Everyone simply adores the boy! (Almost too lovable, being the girls sometimes fight over who gets to hold and play with him).

9 months with this wonderful boy!!!

Escape Room

For our good friend Paul's 35th b-day we joined a few friends for another round in an escape room. This was equally fun to the last one we did and gave us a few good laughs along the way. We escaped (with a few hints) with just minutes to spare. I liked this one a lot too because they incorporated a theme and loud scary noises which gave it a tense feel (the idea was a huge earthquake hit and we had to escape the building before it collapsed).

Our awesome prom pose
L-R: Taryn and Ryan McCook, Spencer and Holly Hull, Paul and Jill Duncan, and Wes and me

Friday, January 20, 2017

A Visit

Great Grandpa Gubler came down for a quick weekend visit, and to see Fred and Sandie's stunning home renovation. Yes, they redid their entire house recently and it is gorgeous!!! Grandpa's visit are the BEST!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Peas in a Pod

It's so fun that Griffin is big enough to join his sisters for tub time (for the first time on the 18th). They were all pretty happy in there together, although it was a tight fit and the girls complained about how low the water was. Small price to pay in order to have the cutest little guy in there though.