Saturday, July 22, 2017

"Mini" Golfing

We hung out at the condo on one of our last days there and decided to take on the "mini" golf course. It wasn't your typical mini golf course, it was like a really small regular golf course. It was fun, but the kids were over it after a while. There were no swinging pendolums, castles, trolls, or anything. But it was gorgeous and nice to be outside.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Like a Kid in.... Well,

A Chocolate Factory. Which is kinda perfect since that is where we went on this day of our trip. My kids have had quite the fascination with the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so this was perfect for our little family. Plus we got the weird part of the movie down later that day with our second activity.

We took a tour of the Harry and David Chocolate Factory. I had never heard of them before, but apparently they are quite well known in the corporate world. The actual tour was pretty awesome and well worth our time. I was pleasantly surprised. They bused us over to the factory, gave us a fun tour including my favorite part, the caramel corn being poured. Then gave us a few samples, bused us back and we walked through the grocery store where they had a ton of samples inside as well.

After the fun of the factory we hit up the "Vortex." Say it with me. Oooooooo. You can read about the Vortex house of mystery here. But there were a lot of weird and explainable things going on there and it was a very interesting experience to say the least. Being the skeptics we tend to be none of us put a lot of stock into what was going on; until after all was said and done and we had some weird things happen to us personally.

Of course we saw the "optical illusions" or whatever else was going on there. But the real weird stuff happened as we were leaving. Jaime said while on the premises Matt's watch was getting all wonky. When the two of them got into their car the clock was reading 12 something the next day. Jaime was annoyed by it, because of all the issues they've had with their brand new car. However, as soon as we crossed the railroad tracks which took us out of the vortex realm it went right back to the correct time. Weird. Another funny thing was as we were leaving the house we were told to look at our photos when we got home in case something weird showed up, which they claim tends to happen. And you guessed it. Because it did! Patrick sent us a photo of Kati all messed up, just the way the worker said it might happen. And it was a digital image. Super weird.
 Look closely at Kati's face... what is your explanation?
 The platform we are standing on is and was shown to be completely level. Explain why on one side someone can be taller than when they stand on the other side. The whole thing was a little weird.
 On our way back we stopped by a covered bridge. Which worked out well because Patrick really wanted to see it. And it ended up being near a good Mexican place to eat.

 I think this place was fun for everyone BUT Patrick and Kati. The boys were kind of done for the day and it showed. It was selfishly very funny for the rest of us, as Easton licked the windows and doors from the outside and started climbing a ladder trying to get to the roof. Needless to say they left just a bit earlier than the rest of us and the energy level went down exponentially.
 But it was a good day.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Crater Lake

My favorite day of our Oregon trip. I wasn't expecting much from Crater Lake after reading about it. It was a very different National Park in that there was not much to do and while I thought it would be cool I had low expectations. But, it somehow exceeded everything I thought. And I think the rest of the group would agree. Just the beauty of the lake and the area itself was amazing. It was unlike anything I have ever seen.

The lake is an old volcano which imploded and it really is just sheer cliffs all the way around. There is only one trail to the water, and from the sound of it takes a lot to make it down; we didn't even attempt it with our crew. It also snows 44 FEET a year there so even in the middle of July there was a lot of snow, and the temperature was still super cool.

We spent the whole day enjoying the beauty of the lake. The only thing we didn't enjoy was dinner at one of the only cafes in the park. Which we had the worst pizza of our life. No exaggeration. But, silver lining, is it was a very memorable, awful dinner.

And my personal favorite.... and yes, he really did opt to be hit in the face with a snowball just for the photo.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bite of the Mosquito

Day 3 found us on an outdoor adventure. We decided to hike up to a nearby waterfall.

But, when you are traveling with a bunch of toddlers and a 7 month pregnant woman, you make a lot of potty breaks. But, it wasn't that bad, because every pit stop was beautiful. Especially this one where the views were as good as the snacks we had.
 I mean look at that mountain/volcano behind them!
And boy, those boys are cute!
 We finally made it to the hike. Okay, it was less a hike than a nice small walk to the waterfall. But, it was one of the toughest hikes ever because of mosquitoes. Oh man the mosquitoes. The family made a long train, in which we swatted and smashed the mosquitoes on the person in front of us. There were multiple landings each minute. I could never live in Oregon simply because of the mosquitoes. It changed the whole week for us, as we itched our lives away night after night. Bunch of dumbies. I can't even say I loved the hike because of it, but we somehow survived. And the waterfall of course was beautiful.
 And everything was so green and lush; and gorgeous.
 Griffin was happy on the trail when he was finally released.
 On the way home we stopped by an old timber museum. It was not so much a museum as much as a bunch of really old timber equipment out in the open to check out. The kids enjoyed it and played their hearts out.
 All of them.
 Then we found an old bridge and river.
 Which of course meant the boys had to jump off of it, into the freezing cold river. I think it ended up being the highlight of the day.