Monday, September 12, 2016


On the day of Peyton's first soccer game (September 10) , the day she scored her first goal, she also lost her 1st tooth. Peyton's anticipation of this day was through the roof. I've never known a child who wanted something sooooo bad but was so fearful of that same thing happening at the same time. She's been asking about loosing her teeth for about a year and a half. When we realized it was loose and would be falling out soon she started to freak out. Peyton does NOT like pain and when she knows (or in this case thinks) it's coming it's so much worse than if it were to just happen.

We were outside and Peyton runs up to me and shows me her teeth and says "Is my tooth gone?!" It was. I said yes and we run to the bathroom to look. She is both laughing and crying at this point. I don't know if she is happy or sad so I question that. She looks at me and says "I am just so happy I'm crying." (I think that was partially true and also I think the whole idea kinda freaked her out a bit, she's a very tender gal) but at this point we both start laughing. She had swallowed her tooth and was also very worried about that fact. If you've seen how tiny her teeth are you would not be worried about this.

So after a note to the tooth-fairy explaining her tooth's whereabouts and going to bed excitedly she had her fist tooth-fairy experience and wouldn't you believe it, hasn't lost a tooth since. Even though the one right next to it has been loose for the same amount of time.

"Dear Tooth Fairy, I think I swallowed my tooth."
That is her depiction of the event. I wish she hadn't erased her first picture because in her words "I look like a monster" because honestly she did and it was hilarious. She had a mouthful of pointy teeth.

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