Friday, September 30, 2016

September Recap

Phew, what a month. Let me recap a few other things.

Spent time with our cutest little cousins.
 Peyton's cute teacher posts pictures on Class Dojo. I got this one of her practicing spelling words.
 Got a well needed date night out with this stud. We walked to dinner from our house so that we could be close by if the sitter needed us. Leaving my baby with someone not family for the first time (even if he was sleeping) is the hardest. But, once I am out, it's also the best.
 Peyton enjoyed soccer more and more each week.
 We spent many a day/evening outside enjoying the last of summer. Including catching baby lizards. It was the first one I've ever caught, and I was proud.
 Jovie my lover of animals enjoyed holding and kissing him.
 It took as much coaxing as I had in me and Wes to get this girl to simply touch this guy.
 And of course Jovie did what she does best. Act silly to get us to laugh at her.
 Griffin was game. In fact he smiles and laughs at just about everything.
 Peyton's school does a family picnic and kite night. Wes and I enjoyed it like it was a mini date as our girls ran around with friends all night.
My sweet little boyfriend.
 Peyton earns the opportunity to take a stuffed animal to school through good behavior. She was pumped to bring this guy with her this day. And I just thought she was the cutest this morning.
 Jovie reading to her baby brother.
 Playing with her Barbies.
 Enjoying a ton a free food simply for registering online. Score!
 Enjoying a beautiful sunset one night.
 And trying to get Jovie better on her balance bike so we can get her on a big girl bike. Stat.
 The HOA put in some new park equipment. These were a instant hit.
 We finished reading Peter Pan, so we of course had to watch the play version. It coincides better with the book than the Disney version.

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