Thursday, September 29, 2016

Funeral in Mesquite

A few months ago (in August) we visited my Grandpa Bob in Mesquite on our way home from Utah. We knew then his health was not good, but I guess we didn't realize how bad it was. I see it as a tender mercy we took the family to see him when we did. I mentioned before that my family did not have a great relationship with him, but I am still glad my children were able to meet him, and I know our visit meant a lot to him. He passed away about a month later surrounded by family.

After a week or so in the hospital my mom and her siblings decided to do a quick funeral. It's hard to put into words how the family feels about Grandpa Bob. He was a man who had to live with a lot of regrets. He did not always make the best decisions, and I think in his older years he realized the mistakes he made. I have so much respect for my mom and her siblings in regards to their relationship with their father because they demonstrated a lot of maturity and understanding, and are truly amazing people. I honestly know Grandpa is so much happier now that he is not pained by his poor choices on Earth and I also know the atonement is real and wonderful. For that knowledge I am forever grateful that our faults and shortcomings will be compensated for by our Savior. And because of this knowledge, funerals are awesome because we get to see family we don't see enough of.

Downside was definitely having to stay any amount of time in Mesquite. Sorry for any who enjoy that place. No really. And V-River... am I right, family?!

 And yes, we had 11 of the 12 kids at dinner. In a Casino. There were a lot of stares.
At the funeral
 My mom and her siblings 
back L-R: David, (half-brother) Walter, Kevin 
front L-R: (half-sister) Martha, my mom Annette, Jill, (half-sister) Josie
 The O.G. Todds
(Hayley, me, Heidi, John, Annette, and Danny)
 breakfast at McDonalds with cousins

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