Friday, September 30, 2016

Ditch Day

Okay, you can only keep reading this if you can promise you won't turn me into the school district for pulling my kid out of school yet again for another hands on educational day that should have been a normal school day. I'm not even kidding, I highly consider homeschooling when I have great days like this, and then I remember that most days would not in fact be like this and I would simply be trying to teach at home so I send them back. More for her happiness than mine. I honestly love having her home with me, but I think she would be sad to not be with friends.

But I pulled out Peyton to join Jovie and me (as well as her cousins Jane and William, who also played hooky) for a fun day at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Which is just an incredible aquarium if you've never been. We had a fabulous day. The girls LOVED doing the stamp scavenger hunt. And I was amazed by the jellyfish. So stinking colorful and cool. And Griffin was content to be pushed around for the day. Hooky days are kinda the best if you ask me. Peyton would agree.

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