Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

We didn't do anything crazy this year with my family on Christmas Eve and we went just plain ole' traditional. But we did do something new and fun. We met early at the movie theater by my parents to watch Sing. It was the very first time every single family member was in the same theater together. The movie was good, not great, but because we were all together it was awesome!

Then we met back at my parents house to start the festivities. A new tradition we started is a yearly talent show, where the kids could show off whatever they had done during the year (piano recitals, dances, singing, acting) things the whole family couldn't go to all the recitals to see. And for some of the kids who don't have something, they come up with something anyway. It was so sweet, but it also had us rolling a few times.
Peyton and Jovie did a dialogue from Team Rocket (Pokemon)
Ryan came up with a doozy

Then we did the traditional white elephant gift exchange,and real gift exchange. We played a few games, which were fun, be it perhaps a little competitive. And the pajamas Nana and Boppie picked out were a HIT!
Yes, it was a great night. We left my parents, went home and got our house ready for Santa's visit!

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