Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day

Christmas this year landed on a Sunday, which was fabulous because spending the morning worshipping our Savior and keeping the real reason for the season alive was better than presents and things that usually happen Christmas morning.

We woke up (excited) around 8am.... ran through our paper (one of my favorite traditions) to do the big present reveal... and opened stockings and had a delicious breakfast before getting ready for church. My girls are the sweetest and are so grateful for everything they get. They weren't upset waiting to open the rest of the presents, and they made the morning wonderful!
And let's just talk about how cute Griffin's face is! And notice the cute little faces peeking through the paper.
And then the fun of opening stockings.
 Peyton's cutest gift she made from school... she was so excited to give it to us, and I loved it.
And church together as a family. A perfect morning.
After church we came home and finished presents. Kids are the best because they want to stop after every gift to play with them. I was given the BEST present from Wes.... a new camera (that I've wanted for-ev-er)!!!!!!! Did I mention the BEST morning?!
 They haaaad to change shirts once they got them.
 Peyton gives the BEST reactions opening gifts.
 My new toy!

And after our morning at home we headed over to Wes' parents to meet up with his family for more Christmas festivities. Which included yummy food, presents, and games. Such a great, fun filled day!
(oh and playing with my new camera, which I LOVE)!
 Wes' parents always give the MOST creative presents. Sandie is in the middle of remodeling the ENTIRE house and preparing for a 3 week cruise, so she couldn't do a lot of shopping etc. So instead she gave a pizza box with 3 gift cards, and $100 cash inside that said, "One cannot live on pizza alone, you need a little 'dough'." It was GREAT! And so creative with all she had going on.
 I love this photo. I have another picture of Tyler reading to Peyton when she was about a year old.. he is seriously the nicest teenager and older cousin ever. I love that kid.
 Oh, and did I mention? The girls got the long desired cotton candy machine they wanted. Santa delivered and they couldn't be happier. We had to bust that out that night!

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