Saturday, December 31, 2016


As for the rest of Jovie's birthday, which just so happens to be New Years Eve; we partied morning til well I guess the next morning!

We started with donuts... which the girls informed me for the first time they don't really like. Well, I guess they don't like the cake part only the frosting and sprinkles. But I guess the idea of donuts is still good.

After donuts we opened presents. Luckily she has basically asked for everything in every store for the last few months so her heart wasn't set on anything specifically, and she would have been happy to open almost anything. Well, that's not true... she did specifically ask for chocolate for a while. Which was weird since she doesn't really even like chocolate, but she did get it.

Then we girls headed to get our nails painted for our special day.

 And after that we finally headed to our big event. It was actually a Christmas gift to all my family from my mom and dad. It was Medieval Times tickets. So we met up with everyone on the rainy night to celebrate both NYE and Jovie-girl's birthday. It was GREAT! My kids had the BEST time!!!
 Peyton was dying to sit by Asher and William on their own bench... so Miss Jovie sat by me and Tate and had a grand ole' time.
 We were part of the Blue Team (who won by the way) and we were able to get his attention so he could give Jovie one of the flowers he got from winning a conquest.
 The whole group
 My girls with their knight after the show. (Peyton was sure to wear her knight armour too)

We all met up to sing to Jovie after the show and open more presents. Her birthday is one that goes on and on all day and night.

And the final part of our night found us at our friends, the Duncan's house, to ring in the New Year(we did the 10pm one thinking the kids would go to sleep, but they ended up celebrating at midnight with us too). We played some games, celebrated Jovie's birthday (again) and had some laughs. It is great having our friends who are like family. All of my kids stayed up til midnight (except little Griffin who fell asleep at about 10:45). By the time midnight rolled around the girls were begging to go to bed so we headed home.

She really wanted something "Shopkins" so we bought some and threw them on her cake to make it a Shopkins cake. It was a winner in her eyes.

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