Tuesday, October 11, 2016


We did a trial Tinkergarten class. What the devil is that you may ask? It's basically an all outdoor preschool that allows the kids to play in order to learn. It was held at the UCR botanical gardens. And really for a free trial class we had a pretty good time; well besides the time I totally lost Jovie for a few minutes while walking around the gardens. Luckily she found some moms and hung with them until I found her. And I was definitely more freaked than her. But, I would not have paid for the class because it was nothing I couldn't do on my own during walks. And it was pretty expensive for what it was. In fact I would say 90% of the class roamed during instruction. Jovie loves structured learning/playing so she was focused on the task at hand the whole time. Making stone soup in fact.

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