Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving Week

We had the best Thanksgiving break.

We started with a fun hike of the "M" in Moreno Valley right near us. I was nervous doing this because we had done it a few years back from a different route and it sucked. But, we had found a different route that looked easier we wanted to try. My friend who has a few kids around our kids ages did it a year ago and said her kids had to be carried, so she kinda freaked me out. But we tried it anyway. And am glad we did because the kids were incredible (did the whole thing 3.8 miles with barely a complaint), the weather was nice, Slurpees afterward were delish, and it was an all around great day.

The next day we woke up, picked out some outfits and took family photos with very very little preparation. After we used coupons we've had since the summer to go mini golfing at Fiesta Village! It was one of the best days!!! Plus we also got some free ice cream so there's that.

That night Peyton and her older girl cousins were invited to spend the night at Nana's house to prepare for Thanksgiving.

The next day we woke up and had a great Thanksgiving, which included a fun family soccer game and a bomb dinner! The weather was soooooooo windy during the soccer game it made for some funny moments like Asher crouching in the back and Jovie and Tate playing Mickey Mouse on the sidelines. At dinner, we could def. tell the girls set up the dinner table being that they put all the boys on one side of the table not accounting for elbow room. But they were all such good sports and enjoyed being so close to one another.

And I was crazy enough this year to go Black Friday shopping again with my sisters. And honestly it really was pretty fun!

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