Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sweet Sacrifice

If you remember back in August when we went to Yosemite, Peyton had one of the more terrifying and traumatizing experiences of her young life when she was stung by a wasp or bug. It was honestly one of the most painful and worst things she has had happen to her in her young life.

Flash forward: We went to a friend of mine's bridal shower. I was buckling all the kids in the car when a bee flew over to where I was buckling Griffin. It started buzzing around us and Peyton was afraid it was going to sting Griffin. I told her it was fine, but that wasn't good enough for her so she came over and put her body between the bee and him; so that if it was going to sting someone it would be her and not Griffin.

I am not lying when I said my eyes filled with tears as I realized the magnitude of the sacrifice she was making for him. I was so touched seeing the love my kids have for one another.

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