Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mawage... It's What Brings Us Together

We have gone to a few weddings the last few months; 2 of our old seminary students and one young man from our new ward. I was never a huge fan of weddings before, but going with our girls makes me love them. They think it is awesome, they love dancing, the food and especially trying to catch the bouquet. I do love seeing the people I love finding people who make them happy. It's also fun to remember my own wedding and feelings. Although I am totally jealous of the "pinterest" era of receptions, they are so much cooler and more beautiful than when I got married.

We hit up two weddings on the same night.
 At the 2nd reception we ran into some old friends (The Goodmans) who happened to be related to the groom, which was super fun! And wouldn't ya know it was Jesse who caught the garter at our wedding.

Then was the wedding of an old student and friend. She was married in L.A. and it was a lot of fun to be able to attend her wedding with some friends (Wes stayed home with the kids so I could go). It was an all day affair with good ole' traffic. I got home, picked up the rest of the family and we headed to the reception in Perris. They had the In-N-Out truck, candy bar, and a donut cake. It was awesome!

The cute couple
I headed out with one of my favorite families, the Sauvaos. The kids and I tried to keep ourselves busy during the looong drive sitting in traffic.
Here are my girls trying to catch the bouquet.
 And look at the disappointment when they didn't succeed.
(This part usually ends in tears and most of the time a sweet bride or mother of the bride/groom usually hands my girls some baby's breath from a table and they are flying high again).
 The bride, Jocilyn and I
 And a photo-booth, one of my favorite things to do with my family

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