Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hello October.....

So much fun. So long October.

Here are some of the random things we did.

One day at Peyton's soccer game
Jovie, who would play with 2 other kids the whole time came running up to me complaining about ants crawling on her. Like any parent, I wasn't overly concerned about "ants" so I held her and looked at where she was pointing. Upon further inspection I found that they weren't small house ants but huge big black ones ALL OVER HER ankles and feet. I am serious when I say I couldn't even count them all. So quickly I started brushing them off as quickly as I could and stripping off her socks. The damage had been done though and her poor feet were eaten alive. Within a few days she had little blister-bites filled with puss all over her ankles. I felt so bad for her. Within a few weeks they had gone away but they bothered her for a bit. The lesson of the day was to not play on ant hills anymore.

I wish the picture did the bites more justice because it looks like nothing here. And trust when I say it was pretty gnarly.

After the game my parents were at, they offered to take Peyton to run errands with them and sleep over just for fun. So she left in her jersey, wore an old dress they had in their house to church and we picked her up the next day and it was the best, short notice fun she could have had. They sent me these cute photos throughout the day.
 P.S. notice her smile? She would smile really funny for a while in order to show her missing tooth.

Just more fun days doing a whole lotta nothing at home together with the kids.

Watched America's Funniest Videos with all the cousins on Sundays at Nana and Boppie's house.

Took some walks at the lake where we may or may not have done some Pokemon-ing.

Peyton did some story-time reading to her younger siblings (my personal favorite is how she shows the pictures after reading the words just like the librarians do).

Hit up the mall (I got a new phone there) and look who fell asleep in daddy's arms. The cutest? I think so.

Met up with Grammy and Papa at the Shoppes in Chino Hills for dinner and a show. We missed the outdoor concert but had fun anyway. Grammy always spoils the kids with a train ride because mom and dad always say no. And they think it's the greatest thing ever!

 More lizard catching.

 Jovie really brought out the goods to let Griffin buddy lounge in style. He seemed to enjoy it too.

Backwards day at school. It was a whole fun week at school.

And she's just a crazy kid who likes to do weird things.
 Like making herself a Nutella monster. I don't think my chastising her was effective as I was laughing too hard.

We also had some of our lunches together outside.
Jovie wrote some killer letters to... well I am not sure if it was to me or her or who exactly?

Griffin started moving a ton

And his sisters were quite proud.

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